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Go with the Flow: an introduction to SUP Yoga for beginners & inspiration 4 all


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Go with the Flow: an introduction to SUP Yoga for beginners & inspiration 4 all

Sally S Bruno

Photo by Simply Photography

If you have strong knees* this video is a good introductory yoga sequence on the stand up paddle board.  I like that it allows the yogi to gradually build confidence toward standing up on the board.  This is an excellent intro for anyone new to SUP Yoga and in fact for anyone who is new to standup paddling in general.  Some take to paddling like fish to water, but others (myself included!!) need some time to find their sea legs.  Beginning the practice quadra pedal allows for greater surface area contact with the board.  Relaxing in child's pose allows us to surrender to the movement of the water and let our bodies tune in with that movement, learning to flow with rather than tighten against.  Moving through a gentle flow on your knees teaches us to absorb the movement of the water beneath and allow it to echo through our body as we move and change shape.  All this does is teach us on a cellular level how to engage our core stabilizers and yet stay fluid and responsive to the flow.  

This of course is an excellent metaphor for life in general.  The more we can learn to soften, to go with the flow, the happier we are, the stronger we can become.  We cultivate fluid strength, an intuitive wisdom that allows us to discern when and where to apply our effort, not so much through struggling but just through softening and opening and listening for the feedback that is sure to come.  We can go far in life and achieve great things by cultivating this intuitive wisdom.  And best of all we can let go of tired beliefs that is has to be hard or painful.  When we go with the flow, all becomes joyful, because we no longer have to fight, we are on the path we are meant to be on.  

* If your knees are troublesome, stay tuned for future posts

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