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💦Stay healthy this Summer with water! 💦


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💦Stay healthy this Summer with water! 💦

Sally S Bruno

Did you know the average adult body is made up of 50-65% water?

Proper hydration is a foundation for true health. Drinking lots of water allows our bodies to function optimally, making it easier for us to stay strong in mind and body

Sometimes we forget about that basic self-care! As simple as it may seem, lots of water and a little sunshine goes a long way and does so much good to our bodies😍


Since it’s that time of year it is crucial to stay on top of hydrating. You may be asking how much water should one drink? It all depends on your activity level, size, perspiration tendencies, and even how much fruits and vegetables you eat (since they are mostly made up of water!)💧

Here are 4 easy quick tips that can help you stay on top of your hydration this summer🌞

💦Carry a reusable water bottle with you and refill it throughout your day.

💦Make a water schedule- once you have predetermined the amount of water you would like to drink in a day, stay on track throughout the day with your water schedule. Our favorite app to track our water consumption is, My Water Balance.

💦If drinking water is not your favorite, hydrate with coconut water or make your water yummy by infusing it with fresh fruits and herbs 🌿 Raspberry and mint are our favorites!

💦 Last but not least, eat your way to hydration simply by adding more hydrating fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber to your diet. Eating more H2O rich fruits and veggies during the summer months allows your body to up its intake in fluids in a delicious way 😋🍉🥒

Stay properly hydrated this summer and your body will definitely thank you! On and off your board! 🤗

Much love,

Flow Paddle Yoga Fam💗

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