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Inspiration for a rainy day

Sally S Bruno

Mama love

Has anyone else been feeling the heaviness of these dark rainy days??? No matter how motivated and inspired and happy I may be when I wake up in the morning, by then end of the day I'm drained and more than a little deflated. And let's face it, not every day starts so happy either. It helps that I have an adorable baby at home and she smiles and laughs in the morning no matter how gloomy it is outside. It's like I have my own sunshine right in my arms and I hold her tight, and kiss her face and smile right back into her shiny eyes, and for a few moments I feel completely full of love and forget about the world around us and find pure baby fueled bliss..


But I’m telling you friends, the struggle is real.  Whens its dark and dreary, I can’t get out on the water for my daily paddles.  Heck, it’s a struggle just to get out of the house.  My brain gets foggy; my concentration goes down and my mood suffers. In fact I'm pretty sure I've cried every third day for the last two weeks straight.


So what's a girl or guy to do? I consider myself lucky because I do have my baby and I'm blessed to practice and teach yoga almost every single day, and spend time around positive uplifting people.  Warm baths and hot yoga help tremendously with the cold. Hugging friends and loved ones goes along way to lift the spirits. Helping others too. But I think above all compassion is key. Compassion for others who are struggling right there with us and compassion for ourselves. It's okay to feel out of sorts and down right shitty at times.  Let it be.  You're human.  The doom and gloom will pass, the planets will realign and spring will finally _feel_ like its arrived. You will feel happy and strong and motivated again. I promise.  

In the meantime be kind to yourself and others and take the time to inspire yourself a little more than usual. This video was one of those inspirations I absolutely needed today.  Enjoy! And remember to stay fluid my friends.  This too shall pass.

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