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Giving Back

We are grateful for the help we have received on our journey and giving back to the community is how we keep our hearts alive.

We believe in giving back.  As so many others have guided and supported us along our journey, we know we have not done any of this alone.  We acknowledge and thank the community of beings who have helped us and actively seek ways in which we can pass on this love and support and be of service to all.

We do this in our daily lives, practicing kindness and compassion (you never know when a simple smile can save a person's day) and we actively seek people and projects we can support to make a bigger impact in this world.  

Below is a list of groups we are currently working with.  If you are moved by their missions, join us as we help make difference and spread the love and light.

One World, One Love

Help Reunite Families Separated at the Border

We believe every family deserves a chance at happiness. And while we believe in following laws and rules, we also understand that men and women that flee their countries to come to ours, do so because they are fleeing murder, rape, torture and worse. They fear for their safety and that of their children.  We believe in the promise of our Forefathers.  Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... One World One Love is proud to have been asked to help welcome and support families that have been separated at the border and are now awaiting their asylum cases.  

So far we are working with two mothers, each with a son between the ages of 3 and 4.  We are horrified for what they have been through and honored to have the opportunity to help ease their worry and bring them support and love as they wait to hear about their future.  While both mothers are eager to work, they are prohibited from working and are each waiting trial under virtual house arrest.  To learn more about how you can help, email us at:

How we Started

In the Fall of 2016, with the rest of the world I watched in horror, feeling helpless as babies, children, women and men died in Syria.  My heart broke for the families torn apart and destroyed and the innocent lives lost.   I felt like I had to do something and so when a friend posted that she was collecting clothing and other items for Syrian refugees being relocated to NJ, I started collecting and reached out to local Yoga Studios to set up drop off points throughout the state.  

 As I continued to post on social media about the tragedies overseas and the actions being taken here to help those that escaped, an outpouring of support and desire to help came from all over the tri-state area.  Today with over 1000 members, One World, One Love is now an established non-profit, serving refugees from all over the world resettling in NJ.  

We help to secure and set up apartments, assist with social services, job training, cultural acclimation, tutoring, advocacy and so much more.  To learn how you can be a part of this movement, visit our Website  where you can sign up to offer donations or needed services and join our mailing list.  You can also join  our Facebook Page for daily updates.  

June 11th                                   FPY Paddle for a Cause                                    Atlantic City

Paddle for a Cause

Paddle for a Cause! Come out, support efforts to prevent and cure cancer.   Learn the fundamentals of yoga on the paddleboard and experience absolute freedom.  For the athletes, this clinic is a great way to warm up for your race and prepare for recovery post-race.  For all this is a great way to connect to your core and nature and cultivate fluid strength on and off your board.  To register for a FREE Flow Paddle Yoga Clinic the day of the race click here.  


Yoga helps calm the mind, strengthen and soothe the body and balance the spirit.  Practicing yoga on a paddleboard, immersed in nature, surrounded by water and wildlife just deepens these connections and benefits.  For racers and athletes these benefits have tangible performance results.  For all, cultivating a stronger yet fluid connection enhances our physical strength and mental resiliency.  So come out, try it for the first time or return to the practice and find your freedom.  Live the Flow Life.  

For more information about the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation & Paddle for a Cause click here

To register for the Clinic click here

Art as Healing

Thursday, June 30, 2016

6:00pm  7:30pm

Maple Cove

Move your body and relax your mind in a healing gentle yoga class, on water.  All proceeds go towards Franki DeSaro's 6 month mission trip to India, where she will be providing art as healing to women and girls who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry in India.   Join us for sun, relaxation and an opportunity to give back. 

To all you beautiful souls: My name is Franki DeSaro and I am so grateful you are here! Beginning in September I will be living in India for 6 months- 1 year providing art as healing to women, girls and children who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry in India. This is such a beautiful opportunity to be LOVE in ACTION. If you would like to be apart of our journey, please follow the 'How to Donate' directions below >

How to Donate: 
1.Go to Link --> 
2. Click on Drop down menu > Click Full Time Missionary Support
3. Click 2nd drop down menu > Choose my name F. DeSaro
4. Enter amount of your donation, name, address & payment info. 

For more information on the Non-Profit Organization I am traveling with go to -->

If you would like to follow my journey to India & in India, follow my blog --> 

All my love, Franki


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